Gray Jacobik

Joined Artfinder: May 2013

Artworks for sale: 136


United States

Updates from Gray Jacobik's studio

  • Work on an Islamic Geometric Pattern

    Work on an Islamic Geometric Pattern

    Highly detailed, painstaking work, in this case on claybord using acrylic gouache.

    12 April 2018

    My Studio Digs

    My Studio Digs

    12 April 2018

    My Encaustic Process

    Here is a brief, 5-minute video, directed by artist Mary Fussell, filmed in my studio as I'm working in encaustic. I describe how the paints are headed, how I transfer them to a panel, and the various methods I use to manipulate them.

    01 October 2014

    An Interview with Gray Jacobik, Part 1

    In this brief, 5-minute video, I'm interviewed about the early influences on my art, and what moves and inspires me at present.

    01 October 2014

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