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  • Me at work

    Me at work

    I love painting with black and white inks, imaginary universes with cute creatures, trees, planets in my sweet home workshop...

    28 October 2021

    CalbinoOz series

    The CalbinoOz series figures wooden funny creatures made from wooden calabash and other natural materials. Very thin and long or very round with a big belly, they all express emotions and a rich personality. Unical and all signed underneath a paw or so, they seem sometimes alive...

    28 October 2021

    The series of cats in Indian ink or Chimeric inks

    The series of cats in Indian ink or Chimeric inks represents cats often asleep painted with Indian ink mixed with touches of faded acrylic paint. The technique used is the wash which gives the forms its random side. The cats are often represented asleep on large polka dot cushions...

    22 April 2021

    The Ostreïds series

    The series of Ostreïdes, metamorphic people emerging from a wood of roots, coming from another planet... The Ostreids express the complexity of life in its search for the most appropriate form for survival, as well as the wisdom of the spirit applied to the transformation of matter.

    22 April 2021



    SakinoOz are made from false leather handbags and blown glass eyes. Animals, each one have a personality and an emotion...

    22 May 2020

    working on PluminoOz feathers unique art

    working on PluminoOz feathers unique art

    PluminoOz paintings are feathers creations, unique in the world ! Feathers have been collected after moult of birds, cleaned and selected, so that there is no harm for birds or humans. She chooses the feathers carefully and then sculpts them in order to be assembled and pasted together to give life to a funny or sweet creature, here a kind of hedgehog

    11 April 2018

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