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  • Painting Large Skies

    Painting Large Skies

    For many years I worked as a scenic artist creating sets and backdrops for film and television, painting very large images in film studios. It was high pressure and short deadlines but what a great time!

    11 September 2018

    Pictorial progress - Cloud One Après Midi (2018)

    Pictorial progress - Cloud One Après Midi (2018)

    This is a commission for a variation of two previous paintings "Cloud One" and "Cloud One Study". The intention of the painting was to create a soft pillowy cloud on a brilliant summer sky. A wooden backed frame is custom made, canvas is stretched and gesso'd. It is put up on the easel and painting commences. Basic colours are laid down in and then the magic happens resulting in a fluffy cloud on a brilliant blue summer day. Sun rays are added, then lens reflections added from the sun through to the cloud gradually increasing in size. Once completed and fully dry, the painting is wrapped in glassine, waterproofed, packed in a crate lined with ethafoam and shipped to the customer.

    16 May 2018

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