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Updates from Adariiine's studio

  • Preparation for 'Touch me, Alice!'

    Preparation for 'Touch me, Alice!'

    Some artworks take a lot of preparation process which can sometimes take months. It doens't mean everyday work on the same piece of art for months but the way the idea gets more and more clear in one's head. The most important thing is to enjoy the progress as much as the result. And I surely did!

    11 June 2017

    And now in progress

    And now in progress

    And now I am ready to work after all the puzzle pieces of the future painting are placed together. I wish you could understand how much joy it gives to paint it!

    25 May 2016

    Sketching sunflowers

    Sketching sunflowers

    Before I paint on canvas I always make some sketches of the composition and colour. But when it comes to painting flowers, I also make some drawings with the structure of the flower to make it look more alive in my final variant. Here is my sketch for a new sunflower painting.

    25 May 2016