Arjan Winkelaar

Joined Artfinder: Nov. 2018

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Updates from Arjan Winkelaar's studio

  • Inktober 2018 - Day 1 drawing

    Inktober is an annual celebration of the art of drawing and illustration. A competition to draw every day throughout the whole month of October is joined by artist and illustrators all over the world. This is my entry for day 1 of 2018, a drawing called "Snaking around"

    01 November 2018

    Every day the same drawing

    For 223 days in a row I re-created the same drawing. Every day I started out with the image I created the day before, setting forth on the mistakes I made the previous days. Slowly letting the original image mutate in something else, like life evolves and grows by evolution. It was for me an investigation into evolution, to see how it works on an art scale

    01 November 2018

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