Anna Lockwood

Joined Artfinder: Oct. 2022

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United Kingdom

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    In the studio

    I work fairly regimented office hours, I'd love to work through the night, but that's just not me. My walls are covered in sketches and ideas. I work on a maximum of 2 paintings at any one time. I find it's sometimes good to give a painting a break, let it breathe and come back to it with fresh eyes. I work out problems whilst I'm running, or going to sleep. Allowing myself space away from my studio works in my favour. My painting rarely falls into place, there's usually a struggle to find a resolution, I just have to be patient, and work through the problems. I'm a messy worker, most of my paintings start off as sketches in oil pastels,I work kneeling on the floor of my studio, before translating onto a canvas. This photo is unusual in that I have not prepped, or stretched the canvas before painting, but I needed to change the pace of my working, it's good to work in different ways sometimes.

    04 October 2022