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Alex Ebdon

Joined Artfinder: Jan. 2014

Artworks for sale: 36


United Kingdom

Updates from Alex Ebdon's studio

  • Getting lost in the creative process

    Getting lost in the creative process

    I love the hours I spend in the studio, completely engrossed in my painting. Music is also an important part of my life and I always listen to music as I work. Somehow it aids me get into my flow.

    12 September 2018

    Florals and more

    Florals and more

    I'm very much inspired by nature - plants, landscapes and birdlife. You can see this in much of my work, from my largest oil paintings to my small linocut prints.

    12 September 2018

    At work in my studio

    At work in my studio

    I have a small studio room at home, where I can lock myself away and focus on my work.

    09 February 2015