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  • New Studio

    New Studio

    Recently a moved to a new studio. Here's a photo with my latest artwork. Enjoy!

    19 April 2015

    My own oil paint colors

    My own oil paint colors

    There was a time before the invention of paint tubes, when artists had to grind their own oil paint. The advantage was that artists could make their paints to suit their personal preferences and working methods. In these photos you can give a look at my cadmium red medium. I prefer to grind my own oil paints because I can reach the highest quality possible. No additives, such as fillers, driers and stabilizers, just pure pigments and cold pressed linseed oil. ALESSIO RADICE

    10 January 2015

    Alessio Radice - Painter

    Alessio Radice - Painter

    19 August 2014

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