Aleksandar Bašić

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United Kingdom

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  • There Will Be Fire - Collaborative Performance

    There Will Be Fire - Collaborative Performance

    THERE WILL BE FIRE 6th April 2017 Aleksandar Bašić, Luke Branca and Lisa Sharma destroyed their own work at the private view of the exhibition Three, at 5th Base Gallery, London.

    30 April 2017

    Three - group art exhibition

    Aleksandar Bašić’s latest mixed media (ink, acrylic and watercolour) works on paper are a series of portraits, merging art history with the more contemporary phenomenon of ‘selfies’. Throughout history artists have been infatuated with the portrayal of themselves and others in numerous ways and forms. Today, portraiture is pushed to banality, or kitsch, with the arrival of new technologies; even face recognition software is no longer science fiction. Aleksandar uses these realities to gather the essential information he needs to create his portraits, which consistently depict the memory of an artist who has inspired his practice. His abstracted portraits present viewers with a blend of jarring shapes and all of the key components of the historical and contemporary portraits that he examines. The viewer’s full engagement is demanded in reading these fascinating and uncanny images. April 2017 5th Base Gallery 23 Heneage Street London E1 5LJ

    30 April 2017


    Aleksandar Bašić, 2015, Solo Exhibition 'The Origin of the World' at the Paul McPherson Gallery, Greenwich, London, UK.

    19 October 2015

    Aleksandar Basic: The Londoner and The Interview

    Aleksandar Bašić, 2014, Solo Exhibition 'The Londoner and The Interview' at the Paul McPherson Gallery, Greenwich, London, UK.

    03 October 2014

    Aleksandar Basic

    Aleksandar Basic

    03 October 2014