Why Twyla's 'Art Connects Us' campaign is the breath of fresh air the art world needs

Why Twyla's 'Art Connects Us' campaign is the breath of fresh air the art world needs

This week US art startup Twyla launched a campaign called 'Art Connects Us' - with a series of photoshoots and short films bringing together influencers and legends, including Iris Apfel, with their artists.

Here at Artfinder HQ we're all pretty excited about the campaign. It is great to see startups like Twyla get behind the idea that art is for everyone, that it's not a pretentious hobby for the super wealthy. And it's fun - art should be fun!

The idea is great because it hits on the emotional connection that art creates between people - and it's that sort of connection that we see happening every day between our artists and our customers. When you buy art you don't just buy a thing - you begin a relationship with the artist that in lots of cases could last a lifetime. It really is all about people and all about community, so in that respect Twyla have hit it on the head.


Launched last year, Twyla are the newest of a group of startups selling limited edition reproduction prints.



Images c. Twyla 2017.

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