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Top 5 customer service tips for the Holiday Season and beyond

Top 5 customer service tips for the Holiday Season and beyond

There's so more to a sale than good packaging, and sending your art on time. It's all about customer service, and building trust! In the final weeks before the holidays, why not work on building customer loyalty? After all, your sales don't stop after the holidays!

Get our top 5 customer service tips to build trust here!

1- Improve your artwork listings, and take out all the guesswork

Ever had the same questions from potential buyers about an artwork, perhaps about the size, or the colours? No matter how you put it into words or photographs, it's always a good idea to use customers' questions to improve your artwork listings.

Accuracy is everything! Detailed descriptions increases your chances of selling dramatically. Not only that, but detailed listings are far reduced from the rate of return on other listings.

Here are some key things to keep in mind:

1- Give them the facts. We've set up categories to help the perfect buyer find your art, so why not add more details in your Materials section, or tell your buyers how your artwork will be shipped in more detail? If anything is missing when you're editing your artworks, take the time to fill it in!

2- Tell them exactly what they're getting. Be informative. You would never buy something important for your home, your friends and family without knowing everything about it! Treat your artwork listings with the same importance, and do your hard work justice!

3- Don't be afraid to be yourself. We celebrate the fact that all artists on Artfinder are unique, so your story and your experiences matter when building trust with your buyers. On top of the hard facts, tell your buyers why this piece is important to you, and why you want to share your work with the world.

Shahid Zuberi stands by his techniques, giving his buyers the full story.

When in doubt, put yourself in the buyer’s position. Remember, they can’t see the artwork in person, so help them visualise this and trust that what they are getting is what they're seeing!

Learn more about improving your artwork descriptions here.

2- Return a message within 24 hours

Why keep your buyers waiting?

To give you some perspective, our dedicated customer and artist support teams have a target to respond to emails within 24 hours, so why not work at the same standard?

If you feel like you can't answer the question immediately, send an acknowledgement!

Here's a good example:

'Hi there,

Thanks for your message, and for your interest in my art!

I'd like to put a few things together for you so that I can answer your question.

Would it be alright if I get back to you by the end of the day?

Please let me know if there's anything else I can do!'

Remember, you can always send images of your artworks to give them a better idea using the Artfinder Messaging system!

3- End to end customer care

In the modern market, businesses are looking for new ways to make their brand stand out for customers. You've already established something unique because of your art, so own it, and make each order count towards a great experience!

Will my artwork arrive on time? Is there a delivery issue that needs addressing? Is my customer happy?

These are all important questions to ask in order to make the customer's experience memorable. You can start with personal touches which can do wonders for your brand.

Consider the following landmarks, and send a message to your customers during the purchasing process:

1- After the order is placed, thank them, let them know when you anticipate to ship their work, and how it will be shipped!

2- As soon as you ship your artwork, send them an acknowledgement, and provide your tracking reference or any shipping details

3- Around the estimated arrival date, see whether they are happy with their purchase and thank them once again!

Keeping customers informed and reassured that they are being looked after is wonderfully comforting and says that you can be trusted! For example, Hanna Auerova adds personal touches that her customers will member forever!

alt text

4- Lifetime guarantee

Trusted brands have a lifetime guarantee, and a level of customer service that is unmatched. They are talked about, followed, and keep customers coming back for the long term! Run your Shop with the same frame of mind, and watch your following grow!

This is where your Marketing tools are super useful. For example, you might want to consider giving your existing customers a discount code to thank them for their continued loyalty.

Learn more about Marketing Hints and Tips here.

5- Five star artists, are five start artists for a reason!

A 5 star review is the ultimate recognition, and establishes yourself as a trusted member of the Artfinder artist community.

It shows some serious confidence in what you have to offer, and what you have done to ensure a smooth delivery, and to make your customer happy!

Remember, good customer service is not just about common courtesy - it is a fundamental part of who you are, and your brand. So make every order, and every message count ensuring that loyal customers come back to you!

If you design a plan of action for each order, considering the important landmarks, and use your Marketing tools to keep your customers happy, you are on your way to becoming a 5 star artist!

At the end of the day - if you have a particularly wonderful experience purchasing from one shop or retailer, you're more likely to return in seasons to come, and to recommend this shop to your friends and family!

Top tip from Artfinder’s customer support team: making the most out of the worst situations will create lifelong fans.

Cover image: courtesy of Sarah Robley

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