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The new look Artfinder Catalogue A.K.A. The Edit 2016/17 is here.

The new look Artfinder Catalogue A.K.A. The Edit 2016/17 is here.

It’s back. And it looks a little different.

Translating 250,000+ artworks from over 8,000 artists from 100 countries into The Edit wasn’t easy. But boy, do we have something for everyone. And it’s completely free to get a copy.*

Lusting after a nude? We’ve got you covered. Something for the little ones (and the big kid in you)? Yep. Nailed it. Smaller works to spruce up those little nooks and crannies? But, of course.

And while The Edit may look a bit different to our previous catalogues, we’re still the very same Artfinder at heart:

  • Free 14 days returns policy
  • Money back guarantee
  • 24 customer support

New look. Same old Artfinder. And it’s free. What more could you want?

Shop the The Edit collections now:

Artfinder Gems Figures & Forms Abstracts Minimalism Luscious Landscapes Romantic Hues Monochrome Floral Fancies Cityscapes Animal Magnetism Urban Vibes Small & Mighty Cool kids

*if you’re in the UK or the US. Sorry to all other Artfinders. This doesn’t mean we love you less.

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