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Interior inspiration: Make it mustard

Interior inspiration: Make it mustard

If you're an avid Instagrammer with a penchant for home design and styling, you'll have noticed a sunny hue popping its head up on influencers' feeds. No matter if your personal taste is eclectic and fun-loving or more minimal and chic, little pops of ochre are a sure-fire way to bring some happy into your home.

This week, we've enlisted the help of Kristine Hall, interior designer, stylist and blogger behind @restoringlansdowne to curate a very special collection of art featuring mustard yellow. Get ready to turn your #homeinspo up to 11.

Through her blog, Kristine explains how to incorporate mustard yellow into your living space.

"Anyone who’s seen my Instagram feed will know that this sunny shade has been creeping its way into a few different corners of my home in 2019. And I especially love it this time of year, as summer eases gently into autumn…or if you live in London, as the sweltering week-long heatwave formerly known as summer smashes to an abrupt end in a torrent of thundering rain. And then back to pavement-melting el scorchio again.

"If you had asked me just a couple years ago I would have said yellow - any variety really - was way down the bottom of the pile in my least-favourite-colour category. I even banished yellow flowers from the garden. So I’m not quite sure what happened, but I suspect that having a mostly cool toned home with lots of moody blues and easy-going greys has left the door wide open for a splash or two of something a bit warmer and brighter.

"If you’re like me and tend towards the more aquatic end of the earthy colour spectrum, the idea of introducing a spicy dark dijon to your home ham sandwich might leave you, er, sweating in the pan. Which is exactly why it’s the perfect versatile shade to introduce in smaller doses with art and accessories, where it will have impact without overwhelming."

Following her brooding love affair with mustard yellow, we asked Kristine to choose an artwork on Artfinder to incorporate into her beautifully restored Victorian home. She chose Angus Vasili's 'Forms', a screenprint in shades of indigo and mustard yellow that pays tribute to Brutalism:

Image credit: Kristine Hall, @restoringlansdowne
Image credit: Kristine Hall, @restoringlansdowne

Image credit: Kristine Hall, @restoringlansdowne
Image credit: Kristine Hall, @restoringlansdowne

Ready to add some sunshine to your space? Explore Kristine's specially curated collection below.

With appearances in Ideal Home and Style at Home magazines, Evening Standard Homes & Property, MADE.com, Buzzfeed, Hunker, Sheerluxe and on the BBC, Kristine Hall provides design and styling services in London and across the UK. Her Instagram account, @restoringlansdowne, has a following of almost 50,000.

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Cover image via Liam Roberts

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