Artists in the News: Jaco Putker

by Jane Verity

Dutch artist Jaco Putker's macabre etchings of fairytales that don't exist have made waves around the world this month, turning heads at the Huffington Post and The Jealous Curator.

Jaco combines digital and traditional techniques to produce images which are both playful and sinister, nostalgic and magical. His preferred medium is photopolymer, or solar plate, etching. This technique is a non-toxic way of etching which allow for photorealistic depictions.

Rather than impose a meaning to his work, Jaco Putker invites the viewers to associate freely and give his etchings personal significance through individual perceptions and filters.

'Estate no. 1' by Jaco Putker

'Interior no. 10' by Jaco Putker

'Interior no. 3' by Jaco Putker

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