Introducing Ruup & Form founder, Varuna Kollanethu, to Artfinder's curatorial board

Introducing Ruup & Form founder, Varuna Kollanethu, to Artfinder's curatorial board

The newest addition to our repertoire of art world experts is Varuna Kollanethu, founder, director and curator of London-based art gallery, Ruup & Form. Specialising in contemporary textile, ceramics, glass, wood, paper and interdisciplinary objects, Ruup & Form is an amalgamation of Varuna's extensive experience and eye for design and craft.

Born in Bangalore, India, Varuna acquired a master's in journalism and spent her early career with prominent global firms, such as advertising for Ogilvy & Mathur and brand management for ING Worldwide.

Following her relocation to London in 2005, Varuna earned a second master’s in curating contemporary design and began to develop an impressive roster of curatorial posts and partnerships. This includes work with the National Museum in Singapore and purchasing pieces for high net-worth individuals and corporate spaces.

Varuna founded Ruup & Form in 2019. She believes that craft and design contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of communities, connect us to our cultural histories and are integral to building a sustainable future. Her curatorial approach draws heavily on her background, incorporating extensive research into artists and their practice as well as careful consideration of themes and forms. As a gallerist with an in-depth understanding of corporate needs and relationships, she is uniquely positioned for her work with artists and professionals alike.

She says: "I am a curator with a passion for design and craft, with a background in advertising and branding. I enjoy mixing my knowledge from multiple industries to build concepts, developing ideas from scratch and managing projects to its end goal."

Ruup & Form collaborates with emerging and established makers to demonstrate the ways craft represents creativity, ingenuity, and practical intelligence. Ruup & Form often employs a thematically organised group exhibition model, showcasing artists that work across multiple spectrums and mediums with distinctive voices.

Beyond her work in contemporary craft, Varuna is an enthusiastic painter, cook and yogi, with a keen love for keeping her mind active with puzzles, reading and time spent outdoors.

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