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Interior Design Trends for 2022

Interior Design Trends for 2022

Over the past couple of years, the pandemic has shaped the way we live. The more we spent time at home, the more we started to look at how we could make our space our sanctuary, which includes how we use, navigate and enjoy our homes. What was happening outside our four walls was so uncertain that creating a place with purpose was ever the more important.

It’s no surprise that as we near the end of 2021, the interior design trends of 2022 focus on sustainability, natural elements and the colour green. And while the Farmhouse Style macrotrend of years past isn’t necessarily out of style, we’re seeing it morph into something a little more refined - distressed wood has become smoother and sleeker, while traditional squared corners are curving.

And, as partly or fully remote working increasingly becomes the norm, we’re also seeing the importance of incorporating dedicated working from home spaces into design blueprints. Whether it's carving out a cosy nook in the corner of your living space or a fully fledged office, a working space will be integral to cohesive and comfortable living.

Here, Artfinder's Chief Editor, Emily Sparshott explores the interior design trends picked for 2022.

The colour green

With all the talk of calm, sustainable spaces, it’s really no surprise that all shades of green will be a major interior design trend in the new year. Bringing the outdoors in has long been a priority for many homeowners, but in our post-pandemic world, it seems even more important to help create a multi-functional and inspirational environment - somewhere you’d be happy to spend long lockdown days.

Green has the power to inspire relaxation and revitalisation and can be utilised in many different ways throughout the home. Whether it be shades of olive, emerald, pastel or sage, there’s so much choice when it comes to choosing the perfect green hue. The good news about the colour green is that it suits just about every room. Bolder and deeper shades such as emerald or forest green are perfect for creating moody living rooms and bedrooms. Lighter, more fresh shades of green such as mint and sage work to brighten up utilitarian spaces, such as kitchens or storage rooms.

If you’re not feeling daring enough to add a green lick of paint to your walls, hanging some art that incorporates shades of green could be your next best bet. The beauty is that it’s the colour of nature, so you’re bound to discover a range of options, including landscapes, still lifes or even abstract pieces.

Artfinder artist, Vahe Yeremyan has mastered the use of greens and blues throughout his abstracted landscapes. Or if you’re looking for more subtle pops of green, a still life such as Daniela Roughsedge’s vase of snowberries will do the trick.

Nature and natural elements

While not a brand new interior design trend for 2022, including nature and natural elements into your space will continue to be popular next year.

The most obvious way to incorporate nature into the interior of your home is to include foliage, flowers and potted plants. Opt for shade-loving indoor plants such as monsteras, fiddle-leaf figs and succulents. These indoor varieties are the most fool-hardy and easy to maintain, mostly only needing a sunny spot, an occasional water in the cooler winter months and a weekly water in the summer season.

Natural elements can also include materials such as linen, wood, stone and clay - these are all earthier, more subtle materials that come straight from nature and offer interesting textures throughout your interior. Exposed wood, stone benchtops, linen bedding and clay sculpture will all add to your overall aesthetic.

As Kristine Hall (@restoringlansdowne) explains in New Neutrals, “Think warm stone, ecru and muddy taupe shades for your base. Like unbleached linen, fields of wheat and pebbles on the beach. With earthy accents – mounds of moss on the damp forest floor, rusty wrought iron gates creaking in the breeze and the golden browns of fluttering, falling leaves. Annnnd relax."

Sculptors Dick Martin and Eilean Eland both use clay to create their figurative sculptures. Highly textured and organic in style, Dick and Eilean’s pieces are both subtle and striking, using pure craftsmanship to draw inspiration from the materials they work with.


With climate change at the forefront of social and political debate, homeowners are placing more emphasis on sustainability, especially when it comes to how they live day-to-day. Eco-friendly materials, whether it be reclaimed woods or recycled metals, as well as opting for non-toxic paints are all being favoured over the plastics and toxins of old.

Firstly, consider how you use energy in your space. Heating, lighting and everyday appliances all have energy efficient alternatives - think LED lighting and ‘smart’ appliances. And when it comes to choosing sustainable features for your interior, make sure the company you are buying from champion greener business practices. B Corp certification is becoming the benchmark for businesses to be ‘better’, as it sets apart those who value social purpose and having a positive impact on the environment from companies who are primarily out to make a quick buck.

Ultimately, making small, sustainable changes to the interior of your home throughout 2022 will pay dividends in the long-term.

There are many artists on Artfinder who put sustainability at the core of their work. Valerie Erichsen Thomson prioritises using reused or recycled packaging, as well as choosing shipping providers who offer green alternatives.


Styling your interior is a tricky balance of incorporating what’s on-trend while staying true to who you are. This is where minimalism comes in - it allows you to really consider your space and what it needs to provide both in the short- and long-term.

A minimalist aesthetic doesn’t have to mean opting for bland beige and whites, but it does require you to shop slowly and choose quality pieces. Consider the purchases you will want to treasure long-term, rather than blowing your budget on new shiny things that may be out of style by the following season - we’re looking at you mason jars and feature walls!

When it comes to art, one larger, stand-alone piece would work wonders within a minimalist room. You’re looking for a piece that both reflects your personality and will continue to be appreciated throughout the years. Heidi Laughton uses soft, reliable palettes to create her atmospheric landscapes.

Working from home

During the pandemic, many workers ditched their commute and set-up their own home office space. However, a laptop perched on a makeshift desk has become old, fast. In 2022, interior designers will consider at-home office spaces just as important as dining or living rooms.

If you don’t have the space or budget to create a standalone office, there are plenty of ways you can create a working area fit for your needs. It goes without saying that a practical and ergonomic chair and desk are a must, but it’s also important to create an area that encourages productivity and concentration. Use calming tones such as greens and blues, as well as neutral tones that won’t distract you from your tasks at hand. Plants are also great in that they offer a sense of vitality, while cosy textures such as linen and wool encourage peace.

When looking for art, hunt for pieces that complement calming and neutral tones. Abstracts are great for encouraging creativity, while landscapes are perfect for areas that don’t necessarily offer an outside view. It’s also important to remember not to invest in art that will serve as a distraction - so try to avoid nudes and political pieces!

Kariko Ono’s artworks are really suited to office spaces, as they invite a sense of calm yet offer an interesting point of difference to regular abstracts.

As we approach the end of 2021 and enter the brave new world of 2022, our home interiors will reflect what matters most: a place that’s practical, comfortable and a reflection of what we hold most dear. So, what 2022 interior trends will you be considering for your home?

Hero image credit: Kristine Hall @restoringlansdowne

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