We're supporting Friends of the Earth to Save the Bees!

The bees need you!

We've bee-n very buzzy lately! (Sorry.)

Bee puns aside (and, my oh my, there are a lot of them), we are delighted to announce that we're working with environmental charity Friends of the Earth to host an art exhibition of bee-themed work at the launch of their Great British Bee Count, which will take place at My Chelsea Hotel on 26 May.

Our artists around the world have overwhelmed us with their support and enthusiasm for this great cause, creating almost 300 works to support the bees, all of which can be viewed in our magnificent collection 'All a-buzz!'

Interior Designer and TV personality Jo Wood has selected 18 of the works for the exhibition, and she will also be exhibiting her own work and a work by her daughter-in-law, Fearne Cotton alongside the Artfinder works.

The selected artists are Damien Venditti, Lea Stubberfield, Rebecca Coleman, Jo Mortimer, Peter Walters, Ellen Wilkinson, Anne Baudequin, Hannah Forward, Kate Osborne, Lindsay Plant, Matthew Peter, Sandra Roeken, Louise Stebbing, Hannah Bruce, Sam Salt and Barbara Storey.

Would you like to play your part? We are also working with artist Peter Walters on this limited edition charity print 'Bee Loved.' 50% of each sale will be donated to Friends of the Earth.

Sign up for the Great British Bee Count here

The exhibition at My Chelsea Hotel is open to the public from 27 May - 30 June 2016. Free Entry.

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