Get to know: Alice

Get to know: Alice

Hi all,

Welcome to our ongoing Q&A feature, where we introduce a member of the Artfinder team to our community. This time, we speak with Alice, our lead Curator.

Q: Could you start by introducing yourself to our community?

Hi, I’m Alice. For the last 14 years I have been living in London, settling in south london for the majority of those, but recently moved to Winchester with my one year old son Jack and husband Tom. I grew up in a village nearby so it does feel a bit like coming home, the babysitting also helps!

Q: How long have you worked with Artfinder and what is your role in the company?

I have worked with Artfinder since 2018 as lead curator. My role is about highlighting our brilliant artists' work to our customers, as well as continuing to discover new talent. We also offer a bespoke personal shopping service and I enjoy working closely with our customers to find artworks for their home or offices. 

Q: What have been your highlights of working with Artfinder so far?

Just playing a small part in helping so many artists around the world sell their work is pretty amazing. I also love that we genuinely make art so accessible for so many who perhaps felt daunted by the thought of buying art before. Getting to work with amazing talent, our artists and the team is also really inspiring. Special shout out to Helen, my fellow in-house curator, who has been doing amazing things while I’ve been on maternity leave. 

Q: Do you come from a creative background? Do you engage in creative activities yourself?

I come from a creative background, my grandparents really inspired me to create art when I was younger, they were wonderful watercolour painters. My mum would also make a lot of our clothes growing up, no mean feat with four girls! My twin sister Laura is also an amazing set designer, collage artist and arts educator. 

Growing up I was always creative, painting, drawing and inspired by ‘Changing Rooms’ (the original one to show my age!) designing and painting my bedroom when my mum would let me. As I’ve got older I have really enjoyed photography and still have a passion for interior design. All my efforts are now focused on designing our new home which is a bit of a wreck, so wish me luck!

Q: What does our B Corp status mean to you?

This has been such a positive step for Artfinder. To be transparent and accountable in this way just keeps the team focused on continuing to improve and never resting on what we have done. 

Q: What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love to visit galleries, eat out and see friends and family. I also enjoy taking walks at the weekend and spending time in the garden. When I get the chance, I love going to the cinema but the reality with a one year old is it’s films at home if I’m lucky. I’m also enjoying reading again. When I get the chance I also love to travel, hopefully we’ll make it to Helsinki this year!

Q: The past three years have been challenging for everyone. How do you look after your mental health when going through difficult times?

Yoga has become a really important part of my routine over the last few years, it's also a nice community to be part of. I also use the calm app to meditate, this was something that Artfinder introduced for the whole team during the pandemic. I also find walking the best medicine. 

Q: If you could take only three items with you to a desert island, what would they be?

I’m currently reading Girl, women, other by Bernardine Evaristo and loving it so that would have to come. Then a sketchpad (with pencil attached if i'm allowed), my nan was always encouraging me to draw and paint again, so it would be the perfect opportunity to get back into it. And a photo album of my family.

Q: Finally, do you have any message for our community?

Thank you for all your creativity, hardwork and engagement as a community. We value it so much and you inspire us all. Here’s to a happy and successful year ahead!

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