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"Before Artfinder, my artworks remained within the borders of Serbia. Now, more than 200 of them are hung all over the world, and the feeling is fantastic!"

"Before Artfinder, my artworks remained within the borders of Serbia. Now, more than 200 of them are hung all over the world, and the feeling is fantastic!"

This week we met Serbian-based artist, Ga Ga. Since joining Artfinder one year ago Ga Ga has sold over 200 artworks and her work now hangs on many walls outside of Serbian borders. Ga Ga's energy is infectious. She is an emerging artist with drive, ambition and commitment.

Here at Artfinder we often speak about not being able to live without art, and for Ga Ga creating art and living go hand in hand. Her watercolour nude paintings are simply beautiful, and her use of the unpredictable and playful medium means that each painting is characteristically different.

Ga Ga spoke to us about why she is endless challenged and amazed by the human figure, as well as the challenges of being an artist and her plans for the future.

How did you discover your love of art?

Ga Ga: Despite my mother bring an economist and my father a lawyer, I come from a very artistic family.

When my brother, sister and I were little we'd compete in drawing competitions and draw cartoon characters, portraits of the family, pets and landscapes. I remember drawing everyday as a child.

When I was at high school, my older sister went to study at The Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. I never saw myself as an art student, my sister became my tutor. I graduated from high school in 2012, and became solely dedicated to art. I fell in love with colour and line and the idea that these two elements can create endless possibilities.

What does being an artist mean to you?

Ga Ga: I could have become many things, but being an artist for me was the only thing that wasn’t limiting. As an artist I am ambitious, free-minded and dedicated. I have one goal, and that is to create art which makes others feel something.

Where do you create?

Ga Ga: I create in my studio, which is a big apartment in Belgrade shared with my sister. As well as drawing and painting here, we also eat, sleep and go about our daily activities.

I don’t separate my living space from my workspace, because for me creating art and living go hand in hand.

Where, who, what and when inspires you?

Ga Ga: I'm inspired by the developments in my practice. The more I work, the more progress I make. Progress encourages me to work even more. I guess you could describe it as a closed circuit, but it's a circuit I enjoy being in.

What is it about to painting the body that captures you?

Ga Ga: The figure endlessly challenges me. When I began gaining more and more confidence in painting, I was drawn to the figure and portraiture. After my first experience of painting a nude I knew that it was something I was going to be dedicated to, for a long period of time.

I very quickly came to the conclusion that the human body is one of the most complex phenomenons in nature, and for an artist one of the most complex subjects to observe. The smallest change in the position of a limb changes the lighting and perspective of the entire painting. The way I interpret colour, shape, contrast and contours is very personal. Painting a nude amazes me over and over again.

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Ga Ga at work
Ga Ga at work

Why is it that you predominantly paint in watercolour?

Ga Ga: Ultimately, I love the watercolour technique because it’s fun!

Watercolour is playful, I love to play with paint brush sizes, brush hardness, amounts of colour, amounts of water, paper type etc. Different surfaces require different approaches.

You have to be careful and learn from experience. The perfect ratio of water and paint is something you need to perfect, to achieve exactly what you want. It's water that determines the style or speed in which I paint.

What challenges do you face?

Ga Ga: My biggest challenge is to make a living out of creating art. I am 100% dedicated to my art and my challenge is to keep it that way.

Many artists speak of dreaded 'creative blocks', is this something you experience?

Ga Ga: Of course, although I only experience creative blocks when I work for too long without a break. I exhaust myself to a point where I feel that my creative energy is low and creating anymore is impossible. I have to take a break and recharge.

Are you influenced by other artists?

Ga Ga: In this profession, as in any other, it’s important to keep track of what your colleagues do and what’s new on the scene.

I don’t think there is good or bad art. I think every artist deserves respect for what he or she is creating. There is no artist from whom you can't learn something new. Observe art, don’t judge it.

Do you live by any kind of philosophy?

Ga Ga: I think we are all a part of something bigger than ourselves, something that can’t be reached without a contribution from everyone of us. Of course, some people play a bigger part in that process and some people play a smaller part. I do however believe that each one of us is equally important.

Everything I create reflects my internal state of thoughts and attitude.

What has being part of the Artfinder community done for you?

Ga Ga:I joined the Artfinder community exactly one year ago. Arfinder has been the greatest experience in my art caree so far!

Artfinder makes being an artist way easier because now all I have to do is to focus on creating artwork. They handle the marketing, selling, financial transactions and so on. It’s safe, fast and reliable.

Also, I have discovered lots of great artists and met many art lovers with whom I have exchanged experiences and knowledge on Artfinder. Before Artfinder, my artworks remained within the borders of Serbia. Now, more than two hundred of them are hung all over the world, and the feeling is fantastic!

What do you see in your future?

Ga Ga: I plan to persistently create art and make improvements. Soon I plan to have some exhibitions in Belgrade and in my hometown Ćuprija, but in the future I would love to have exhibitions all over the world, why not! I think success comes with hard work and commitment.

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'Nude 120' by Ga Ga, £42
'Nude 120' by Ga Ga, £42
<a href="https://www.artfinder.com/product/nude-232-6a76/"
'Nude 232' by Ga Ga, £42
'Nude 232' by Ga Ga, £42

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