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What’s love got to do with it? Well… everything! Win prizes up to £2500 with eHarmony's Love Captured photography competition.

What’s love got to do with it? Well… everything! Win prizes up to £2500 with eHarmony and Love Captured.

Here at Artfinder HQ we’re all about sharing the love. Whether it’s exploring our artists’ passion for their craft or connecting customers with unique pieces that they will treasure, we strive to build lasting relationships between customer and artwork, artist and customer, artwork and home.

After all, art isn’t just about having something beautiful to look at – it records history, tells stories and celebrates connections. It unites people, evokes strong, raw emotions, makes you think and helps to start new conversations. It builds relationships.

2015 finalist '2 Homeless Strangers' by Vera Lucia Gama
2015 finalist '2 Homeless Strangers' by Vera Lucia Gama

Love Captured

The team at eHarmony - the online dating site for Meaningful Matches - see relationships like we see art: beautiful, passionate, transformational, at times challenging, but ultimately inspiring.

So whether it’s for your partner, your best friend or your beagle, let eHarmony know what love means to you! Submit a photograph that encapsulates the meaning of love to their Love Captured photo competition to have the chance of winning one of many prizes, including an Artfinder Gift Card!

2015 finalist
2015 finalist

How to enter

To enter, all you need to do is submit your image via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, simply by uploading your image and mentioning @eHarmonyUK and using the hashtag #LoveCaptured2016. For more details, visit eHarmony's Love Captured page where you can also view full terms and conditions.

Lacking inspiration? Or friends at eHarmony HQ have created a collection of Artfinder pieces inspired by the theme of love.

Hero image courtesy of Nick Jackson, former winner of the Love Captured competition.

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