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Behind the B: Getting to know Wolf & Badger

Behind the B: Getting to know Wolf & Badger

Meet Henry Graham, the Creative Director & Co-Founder of Wolf & Badger who is inspiring a growing community of fashion lovers to shop sustainably and ethically. We were thrilled to chat with Henry this B Corp Month and learn about the company's journey to becoming a better business.


Q: Tell us about Wolf & Badger: where did it all start and how's it going?

My brother George and I started the business in 2010 with a store in London. Since that time we have gradually expanded both the number of stores we operate and the number of independent brands on our platform. We now have stores in London and New York and are soon to be opening one in Los Angeles.

Our platform provides an effortless way to find sustainably and ethically produced jewellery, fashion, accessories, homeware and beauty, without compromising on quality.

Our purpose is to build a community of ethical brands and conscious consumers who positively impact the world together.

Q: Are things changing for the better in the fashion industry? Is it still an uphill struggle for you against 'fast fashion'?

Yes it is an uphill struggle, but fortunately there is now more of a secular tailwind that complements the way we think about retail. Things are certainly moving in the right direction and it is thanks to consumers and brands making conscious choices in the way they buy and produce products.

Q: Congratulations on your recent B Corp Certification: how did you find the process and why did you want to become one?

Thank you! Attaining B Corp was a part of our company goal of better articulating our purpose to both our community of customers and brands. It’s a genuine commitment not only to better ethics and sustainable business, but also for continuous improvement.

Wolf & Badger has always been committed to a different approach to retail and in March last year we better articulated this approach through the introduction of a set of 15 guarantees on our website. These have made it easier for our customers to shop by their values and are used on our product pages to signify the good work our brands individually do to create a better landscape for all stakeholders involved in retail; they cover various values such as being carbon neutral or producing using only vegan materials.

For us, becoming a B Corp has helped us better develop and communicate our company values and ensure we are at the forefront of good business practices as we continue to grow Wolf & Badger as the leading destination for independent brands worldwide. It also provides a framework through which all businesses can improve their impact.

The process was rigorous and it took us around a year and a half to complete. We had five key members of our team working on pulling all of the data, policies and creating reports on our processes in order to support any claims that we made. The main challenge was ensuring that key people in the team had time to dedicate to working towards attaining the certification. It is just something that you simply need to dedicate resources to – and it is worth it!

Q: Has being a B Corp already made a noticeable improvement to your business?

Firstly it has provided a framework for ethical and sustainable business practice against which to hold ourselves accountable.

Secondly, now that we are a B Corp we are part of a fantastic community of companies who share the same purpose driven values as us, with whom we can discuss common issues and work collaboratively.

Lastly, it has been very useful for our customers to understand that we have made a decided and significant commitment to being a part of a better future, making retail fair for all and fostering a conscious community of brands and consumers.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the collection you've so kindly put together for us? What do you like about Artfinder and are you likely to become a customer?

The collection was curated as a coherent edit that someone could put together on their walls and happily live with. Whilst you might need to be feeling rich to buy all the pieces in one go, smaller elements of this grouping would work equally well together. The pieces themselves represent themes that I am interested in, rendered in a manner that stylistically appeals to my aesthetic sensibility. Yes, of course I am likely to become a customer. I love Artfinder, the selection of art and design, as well as the ease of use of the website.

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Cover image via Wolf & Badger

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