Calling all art graduates, Artfinder needs YOU!

Calling all graduates, Artfinder needs YOU!

Are you or is anyone you know a recent art graduate? Looking for options to continue producing art while still making a living? Dreaming of a world where your art could support you financially?

Too many times we've heard of artists having to give up their passion and resort to a desk job, with limited creativity due to the financial burden of living in the city.

Artfinder is ready to change this.

Creative graduates: Artfinder is looking for you!

All throughout July, Artfinder will be actively recruiting new graduates, culminating in 'Grad Week' - a week of promotions and features for new artists at the end of the month.


What can I sell?

Artfinder is a marketplace for original artworks and hand-made limited edition prints (with a maximum print run of 150). As part of this broad selection, we welcome many different types of artworks; as long as they can be categorised as one of the following:

We do not sell giclée or c-type prints of original artworks.

Learn more about what you can sell on Artfinder

Reach a global audience

Share your artworks with our 500,000 registered buyers in over 100 countries collecting curious, unique and authentic art.

Sell your works in a fairer marketplace where you have control

  • Join for free.
  • You create your listings.
  • You decide the price of your work.
  • You receive dedicated support from the Artfinder Team.

What do we get out of it?

We take a 30% commission on sales transacted through the site.

We believe that the perfect buyer for your art is out there, they are just waiting to meet you and your work! We have developed personalised art recommendations, driven by technology - meaning that we tailor our user’s experience towards art they love, giving your artwork a higher chance of getting in front of the right people. We also have a huge online and social media reach, promoting your work globally.

We help you, guide you and advise you on your Artfinder journey.

Join an ever-growing community of artists

At art school, the culture of sharing ideas whilst discussing and looking at other artist’s work is arguably what makes it so enriching and inspiring. Transitioning from student to graduate doesn’t mean you have to lose this...

Be part of a global community 7,500 artists on Artfinder, from over 100 countries.

Get involved and exchange ideas using the Artist Forum, attend artist meet-ups, or apply to join group exhibitions worldwide initiated by Artfinder artists!

Meet Laurence Jordan


Laurence is a Graphic Design graduate from UAL’s Camberwell College of Art who joined Artfinder in March 2015 and has sold over 100 pieces to date.

We spoke to Laurence to ask him how Artfinder has helped him transition from student to working artist:

"I discovered Artfinder shortly after graduating. Initially I uploaded some of my woodcuts and screenprints from previous projects and after successfully selling these works I felt compelled to produce and upload more.

Soon I found myself balancing my art around my day job. It's great to discover that you have made a sale online. After selling 106 pieces, I’m so excited to know that my works are now hanging in people’s homes and private collections across the globe.

At the moment I'm based in the West of the Taurus hills of Southern Anatolia assisting a beekeeper in apiculture, learning the art of beekeeping, permaculture and also applying my skills into painting geometric designs directly onto beehives (this aides bees in navigating between the vast numbers of different colonies and hives).

So far my sales on Artfinder have helped to financially propel me through my travels!"


You must be 18 years of age or over to apply.

Please let us know that you are a graduate by typing GRADUATE APPLICATION in the first line of your biography. If you would like to be one of the artists featured and given exposure across our social media platforms and on our homepage as part of 'Grad Week' please apply by midnight GMT on Wednesday 20th July 2016.

Download our 'Sell With Us' pack
Download our 'Sell With Us' pack

Good luck!

Header image: Artfinder artist Hannah Adamaszek c. Liam Keown

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