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10% off EVERYTHING* code: ARTFORALL10  ·  15% off $1000+ code: ARTFORALL15
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10% off EVERYTHING* code: ARTFORALL10  ·  15% off $1000+ code: ARTFORALL15

Sweets, pigs, clean lines and shiny things

Sweets, pigs, clean lines and shiny things

Ann Marie Coolick is an impasto painter from Arlington, VA. She slathers frosting-like paint layer upon layer onto the canvas with paint running off the edges, resulting in a sculptural, three-dimensional appearance.

This weekend we are honoured to have her curate a collection that is a joyful reflection of her favourite things, including what inspires her and what incites nostalgia. She's also taking over our Instagram account all weekend, so head over there to watch her glorious process and ask her all your questions!

Yuliya Martynova

"Yuliya Martynova is a London-based artist whose nostalgic creations provide hidden emotional narratives and philosophical messages. Her paper plane watercolour pieces, a metaphor for the fragile vessel of space continuum forging connections through time, exude an imaginative and child-like playfulness."

Sandra Busby

"Sandra Busby is a British artist whose photorealistic oil paintings of bubbles, goldfish and candy are whimsical and lighthearted. Her beautiful portrayal of these items paired with her skilled depiction of light give her pieces a sentimental, relaxing atmosphere."

Anna Bergin

"Anna Bergin is a New York-based artist whose abstract oil paintings have an earthy elegance with a calming use of negative space. She mixes her oil paints with wood ash, creating a unique textural approach that enhances her topographical subject matter."

Richard McKey

"Richard McKey is an American artist whose aggressive brushstrokes and bold use of colour enhance his work that borders on Outsider Art. His interesting but everyday subject matter is sure to draw attention and spark conversation."

Sumit Mehndiratta

"Sumit Mehndiratta is a Delhi-based artist whose psychedelic patterns combined with inspiration from the natural elements have an organised sense of chaos that exude happiness and calm. His work explores energy and life through calculated and meticulous use of colour, pattern and line."

Cover image via Ann Marie Coolick

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