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5 Ukrainian artists you should know

5 Ukrainian artists you should know

When you think about art and where it comes from, where does your mind leap to? Italy? UK? France? What about Ukraine?

Ukrainian art has long been influenced by the Eastern Orthodox Church (think: gold) and Slavic mythology of gods, battles and power. But nowadays - especially with the influence of the post-modern and neo-avant-garde movements - Ukrainian contemporary art has evolved into a vibrant, dynamic scene through significant social and political change.

At Artfinder, there’s no denying that a large part of our artist community is from the UK and US. However, we’re full to the brim with talented Ukrainian artists just waiting to be discovered. Here, discover the five Ukrainian artists currently taking our fancy.

Lena Vylusk

Lena’s absolutely pristine still lifes are unmatched. Her teetering towers of tea cups and vases full of delicate flowers evoke nostalgia with realist techniques and pale colours. It almost feels as though you’re sitting down to tea when you gaze at one of her extremely realistic masterpieces. Her work is calm, yet bursting with life at the same time!

As a graduate of the Academy of Design and Arts in Kharkiv, it’s clear that Lena has the chops to make it in the art world. She has over 30 five-star reviews commending her attention to detail.

Oleksandr Balbyshev

Oleksandr is a dreamer, and his paintings are a dream, too. His funky, bright portraits play with the complexities and fluidity of sexuality and identity. Complementing these ideas is his bold use of colour and form. He's an Artfinder favourite for good reason.

In 2015, the Ukrainian government banned all symbols and images associated with the USSR, and numerous oil paintings, sculptures, monuments and other images of Lenin were removed from public places. By incorporating these forgotten images into his art, Oleksandr has given them new life.

Nataly Derevyanko

If you’re looking for the master of floral art, then you’ve come to the right place. Nataly’s flowers are whimsical, ethereal, gorgeous and every other positive synonym in the thesaurus. Her primary medium is paint, but dabbles in icon painting, illustration and web design. She’s even passing down her talents as an art teacher in Zaporozhye.

Marina Kim

Influenced by the Ukrainian avant-garde, Marina’s geometric paintings pop like no other. Her defined, angular lines are sophisticated yet playful - a hard balance to achieve. Using traditional shapes such as triangles and squares, she creates a new, unusual world in every painting.

Victor Onyshchenko

When viewing Victor’s landscapes, you’ll be reminded of Vincent van Gogh. His work has hints of Impressionism, but he takes it to the next level with dark, earthy tones. His lovely landscapes may remind you of your favourite holiday destination. Nostalgia is key here.

Victor has been exhibiting his art in Ukraine for almost a decade now and he’s a member of the union of artists in Ukraine.

More Ukrainian art:

Cover image via Anastasia Parkes

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