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Monika LuniakDominique PrinsAnna Sidi-Yacoub
Iryna KitaievaIgor ShulmanLilia Orlova-Holmes
Art By CatalinInez FroehlichÁngel Rivas

Top 40 best selling artists

Drum roll... Your daily update of the best selling artists from the past month. Discover old favorites and new high flyers from our worldwide community of artists.

Updated 21 April

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Catalin IlincaKatarzyna GagolRich Ray Art
Paula BerteottiBrian NashCarlos Delgado
Maja Đokić MihajlovićAlex  Jabore Paintings and PrintsDimitris Pavlopoulos

Top 40 staff picks

Picked by us, for you. These artists challenge our sensibilities, inspire new ideas and make us see beauty in the world. Refreshed daily, find out who we recommend today.

Updated 21 April

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Dominique Dubiedchangshan zhongFederica Belloli
Artush VoskanyanRoeland KneepkensPau Guerrero
BD GriffithBrian FreelanderOlesya Svirskaya

Top 40 new artists

We've picked the best new artists who have joined Artfinder this month and wrapped them up for you in this handy Top 40. You saw them here first!

Updated 21 April

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