Farewell, Reproduction Prints.

Farewell, Reproduction Prints.

This month we made some important decisions as to what kind of prints artists are allowed to sell on Artfinder. Home to authentic, hand-crafted art and a champion of thousands of talented artists around the world, we want Artfinder to continue to be a place to find only the best, most unique art online. From this month, artists will no longer be allowed to sell reproduction giclée and c-type prints derived from original artworks (such as paintings, drawings and collages). No reproductions, no copies, only originally produced art.

Screenprinting by Lene Bladbjerg.
Screenprinting by Lene Bladbjerg.

Why do we no longer allow reproduction prints?

Artists make our world go round; their creativity provides us with endless inspiration and we want Artfinder to be a place to preserve and champion that unique talent. By refining our product catalogue to only originally produced artworks, we want to champion the craft that painters, printmakers, mixed media artists and photographers bring to Artfinder.

We also want to simplify and clarify the process of buying original art for our users. By removing reproduction prints of original artworks, the choice is simple: only one-of-a-kind or hand-produced prints are available. Each and every artwork has a unique story to tell and nothing quite beats the feeling of owning an original piece of artwork sent by the very person who has devoted their time and passion to creating it.

We want Artfinder to continue to be a place that forges these special and unique relationships between artists and buyers; it’s an honest transaction that changes how we think about art and breaks down the hierarchy of the art market. More power to the artist, more choice for the buyer.

Making linocuts, by Luna North.
Making linocuts, by Luna North.

What’s no longer allowed?

Giclée and c-type prints derived from original paintings, drawings, collage and mixed media art.

What’s still allowed?

  • Limited edition giclée and c-type prints from digitally created art
  • Original, hand-made limited edition prints (e.g. linocuts, screenprints, etchings, monoprints, lithographs and woodcuts)
  • Original, fine art photography produced as limited edition giclée or c-type prints

The etching press, by Rung Tsu Chang.

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Headline image courtesy of Catriona Black.

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