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Did someone say Sky Portrait Artist of the Year?

Artist of the week: Jo Beer

Did someone say Sky Portrait Artist of the Year? Introducing this week's Artist of the week, Jo Beer, finalist on the much-loved show and portrait artist to the stars.

Chief Art Advisor Poppy Rooney says...

"Reminiscent of Lucian Freud's emotive portraits, Jo's works explore the psychology of each of her subjects and reveal their internal worlds.”

'Bird shirt' by Jo Beer

'Bird shirt'


'Nelly, African food shop' by Jo Beer

'Nelly, African food shop'


'Sculpted' by Jo Beer




“From ordinary people to well-known faces, her style lays bare the stories that our bodies tell, sometimes better than we can tell them ourselves.”

Syd by Jo Beer



“Her work is the antithesis to airbrushing, to uniformly smooth skin and identikit models. Jo's people are craggy, visceral, a celebration of the real and the individual.”

Decorated by Jo Beer



“From Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett to Dame Vivienne Westwood, Jo captures famous faces but also transforms them, communicating personality in the way only great portraiture can.”

Alexander McQueen by Jo Beer

'Alexander McQueen'

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