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Portraits so good we buy them ourselves 🔴

Artist of the week: Thomas Donaldson

Say a big 'well hello there' to British artist Thomas Donaldson. We at Artfinder have been buying his majestic portraits in our droves, but we thought we should really give you a turn too.

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Our COO, Michal says...

"I have bought four pieces from Thomas Donaldson for my home so far and his talent is simply incredible. Delivery was so fast and when opened - the pieces are simply breathtaking. We couldn't recommend him more!”





“Thomas is inspired by Schiele's slightly elongated figures and Bacon's wonderful red and pink flesh tones.”

Kneeling figure

'Kneeling figure'


“His work explores the presentation of the female body and concepts of beauty in our photoshop-perfect world.”




“His work doesn't draw a formal observation of the human form, nor is it a purely expressive depiction. It is more interested in something in between.”



Portrait study
Head study

'Portrait study'

'Head study'


Visit Thomas' store

Learn more about Thomas...

Artfinder meets Thomas Donaldson

“I allow areas of the body to be wiped out or painted over to only suggest the form. I draw on certain elements of Gestalt theory, which states that we don’t need to present the complete form in order to see it. The viewer will complete the missing parts.”

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