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Introducing: your weekly dots 🔴

Welcome to your weekly dots: 15 dots in one email, curated just for you. So whether you're off to a gallery, recovering from Saturday night or simply out for a healthy dose of fresh, new art, we've got the goods.

Go dotty for these bad boys. You know you want to.

'Four Bottles' by Nigel Sharman
'Apricots' by Nadia Bykova
'Battersea' by Natalia Lewandowska
'Red Grapes + Green Grapes' by Harriet Hue
'Between Warkworth and Alnmouth' by Paul West
'Everybody wants to be a cat' by Anne Storno
'Painting Light' by Nacho Frades
'Still Life with Sunflowers' by Jan Rippingham
'Summer in the Med' by Rosalind Roberts
'Pink Substance' by Oleksandr Balbyshev
'Miami Beach' by Roman Gerardo
'Yayoi' by Naomi Vona
'Perception' by Galya Popova
'Flowers from Xella' by Marisa Añón Frau
'Love Pears' by Arthur Gaida
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