Artfinder takes Miami!

Artfinder takes Miami!

We’re already in November and it feels like it’s time to share the news about the official opening of our first US Artfinder office.

The Artfinder journey began four years ago with just 14 artists, a small team and big dreams. We found ourselves at a point where we realised there were thousands (actually, millions) of artists worldwide for whom the traditional system wasn’t working. The gallery system can only accommodate a very limited amount of artists - in part due to the physical limitations that wallspace has, but also too because of the tight control of entry, galleries can appear exclusive. This clearly stopped working a while ago.

We discovered that there are so many artists worldwide that remained outside these gates. Talented artists were not getting the appropriate (or even no) exposure due to several factors. We decided it was time we stepped in to create a fair and sustainable art world that works for both artists and buyers.

On that note, we also realised that this kind of exclusivity was present on the buyers side, and as a result, their only option was to resort to posters and reproductions. We decided to put an end to this and work towards building a world where artists can not only sell their art, but live off the proceeds of their art, while buyers can gain access to beautiful and thoughtful works from gifted artists around the world.

Artfinder is working. We’re now selling in almost 100 countries and have more than 10,000 artists residing from over 100 countries. However, the journey doesn’t stop there. We strongly believe we’re just touching the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more we can do for artists and buyers worldwide.

Fast forward a few years and here we are now, proudly opening our first US office in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. What a journey it has been for all of us!

After we decided that opening a new office in the US was a smart move, we obviously had to figure out where we would be setting up. Many people ask us, “why not NYC or LA?”, which are the obvious options. We decided that while those options seemed logical, they were not going to be the best fit for us. The market is very saturated and noisy, and in true Artfinder form, it wouldn’t seem right to follow the steps of the traditional art world! We wanted to find a place where we could really impact the local community and start planting seeds in order to expand even further.

“Why Miami?!”, we hear you ask. Miami is a city that’s dramatically transformed in the last few years and continues to do so at an exponential pace. With the arrival of Art Basel almost 15 years ago, the city embarked on a journey to create a population that was even more addicted to the arts, design and culture. Nowadays, Miami is a must-go for art lovers and creatives, and its support of the arts continues to embrace both local and international artists. We realised that Miami is a place that’s still growing in regards to the arts, where artists can thrive and where the amalgamation of cultures provides a melting pot for creativity. We were hooked.

We officially opened our office in late September 2017, but the journey has just begun. There’s so much untapped talent around the city and such a hunger for fresh and new art that we felt this was a perfect space for us. Miami breaks the rules. For years it was seen as the ‘little sister’ city that was ‘trying to make it in the art world’ but couldn’t quite get there. The tables have now turned and Miami has wowed everyone with its transformation and success. A bit like Artfinder, don’t you think?

We’re excited to begin this adventure and we want to personally thank every single one of our artists and buyers for helping us get here. Lastly, as usual, we’re always interested in meeting you, so if you’re ever around, please reach out! Lets #MakeArtWork!

Cover image via Roman Gerando

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