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Artist of the week: Valery Koroshilov

Are you sitting comfortably, reader? Because this week we've got the good stuff. Like most things to come out of Russia, Valery Koroshilov's work isn't easy to categorize (his words, not ours). He has a cabinet full of awards and accolades, including Vogue Artist of the Year. But you don't need to know that; just drink in these dreamy portraits.

Our CEO Jonas says...

"Valery’s paintings, though painstakingly crafted with an obsession to detail, are never quite hyperrealistic. You always feel the underlying hand of the artist; they are warm and full of life. This can be traced to his tremendous confidence with his medium, as he allows the painting to develop with organic spontaneity on the canvas.”

'Nothing happening' by Valery Koroshilov

'Nothing happening'


'Ecce homo' by Valery Koroshilov

'Ecce homo'



“Trained as an architect, Valery’s clear sense of composition makes his paintings balanced, inviting, and immersive.”

'The light of other days' by Valery Koroshilov

'The light of other days'


“Light, reflections and shadows add depth and help pull the viewer into details of the image, guiding the eye as it explores the subject matter effortlessly.”

'Mediterranean blue' by Valery Koroshilov

'Mediterranean blue'


“His works are windows into stories, told with compassion and a fluent elegance.”

'Premonition' by Valery Koroshilov


'Character study II' by Valery Koroshilov
'Apples: variation yellow' by Valery Koroshilov
'No time to think' by Valery Koroshilov

'Character study II'

'Apples: variation yellow'

'No time to think'

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