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Monochrome art: seeing the world in black and white 🔴

Seunghwui Koo at work

Far from simple.

While the term, ‘monochrome’, suggests a concept that’s straightforward, it’s anything but. It’s a style that comes hand-in-hand with abstract art, a concept that was made famous in the 20th century. And, judging by the — should we say heated? — discussions over our abstract Artbeat blog, we know that it’s a cause for contention for art lovers.

Monochrome art involves using different tones of the same colour to explore its expressiveness, texture and emotion. Ever felt frustrated when presented with an artwork that only uses a block of colour? This may well have been the artist’s intention. Checkmate.

This week on Artbeat, we delve into the world of monochrome artworks. Take a little look and see how you feel. Angry? Impressed? Calm? All of the above? It's a whole whirlwind of emotion.

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"Monochrome artworks are perfect for modern interiors, or for those who have a difficult-to-style home."

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