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The one abstract artist you need to know 🔴

Artist of the week: Andrada Anghel

This week we are getting some serious abstraction satisfaction from Andrada Anghel and her dreamy statement paintings. They're big, they're bold and they'll add instant impact to any space. Satisfaction guaranteed. Just be warned: they're all one-of-a-kind, so once they're gone, they're gone.

Blue hole by Andrada Anghel

'Blue hole'
$3,500 or just $292/month


between the rocks and sea by Andrada Anghel

'Between the rocks and sea'
$675 or just $57/month


Glory of the snow by Andrada Anghel

'Glory of the snow'
$900 or just $75/month


September song by Andrada Anghel

'September song'
$350 or just $30/month


The dot by Andrada Anghel

'The dot'
$350 or just $30/month


The bridge by Andrada Anghel

'The Bridge'
$1,100 or just $92/month

Autumn symphony by Andrada Anghel

'Autumn Symphony'
$675 or just $57/month


“Playing with rich textures, Andrada creates works that evoke nature.”

Playground by Andrada Anghel

$1,000 or just $84/month


“Her works explore the interplay of light and darkness.”

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