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  • Drawing live on Mill Avenue

    Drawing live on Mill Avenue

    Here I am at my easel drawing live on a busy Saturday night on Mill Ave in Tempe, AZ. Many people will stop and watch me draw on their way to their next stop. I enjoy sharing my creations and processes with them. People are amazed at seeing something made from nothing right before their eyes. It's rewarding to share this with them and be interactive with those who like the art. Working in the studio for the most part, this is an entirely different element. The creation of the artwork becomes something else, a performance.

    04 November 2017

    Interview with Ch. 5 news

    Interview with Ch. 5 news

    Here is a still from my interview with KPHO ch. 5 evening news on May 4th, 2016. I challenged the public to go to my public art mural in Scottsdale, AZ and find the two ends of the single line.

    05 March 2017

    Painting  Mr. Vonnegut

    Painting Mr. Vonnegut

    Here I am doing the linework on my Kurt Vonnegut painting. It was a commissioned portrait of the clients favorite author. The entire painting was done with a single continuous line that did not cross using a variety of paint markers.

    02 March 2017

    Painting the first wash

    Painting the first wash

    I'm busy at work on the floor of my studio painting a green wash over the line layer of this large panel. This was an experimental work and was the first time I went about it this way. I covered the whole board with a thick grey line, drew the scene over it and then painted in the picture in thin colored washes over the line. The line stays intact throughout the work and changes in colors as needed in consistency with the image.

    27 December 2016

    Covering the Sky with the Line

    Covering the Sky with the Line

    Here I am busy at work, painting the line in the sky part of the painting. This work was 4 feet tall and 8 feet wide. It was done by painting a traditional painting as the underlayer and then covering the entire area with a single continuous line. It took 4 months of working nearly every day to complete it.

    22 December 2016

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