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  • Here Be Dragons (A New Flag)

    Here Be Dragons (A New Flag)

    My giant woodcut, ‘Here Be Dragons’ was on sky arts ART50 in March. It was fantastic making the film, exhibiting at the Barbican in London and taking part in the live debate for the finished program.

    24 April 2019

    Here Be Dragons

    Here Be Dragons

    I’m getting excited now. The Sky Arts TV project I started working on what seems like aeons ago …. about 9 months …. is finally being aired, Tuesday March 26th, along with the other visual arts projects from 9pm. I was commissioned to create a new flag for Britain – that’s opening up a can of wurms as I’m Welsh and we Welsh have never been represented on the Union flag. The film shows my creative process, how I researched and developed what eventually turned out to be a massive woodcut print. It’s called “Here Be Dragons”

    26 March 2019

    Drawing Blood

    Drawing Blood

    I draw lots of things. Today I drew blood! I’m cracking on with carving my large woodcut (80 x 120 cms), a commission from Sky Arts TV channel. One of the occupational hazards of carving blocks for relief printing is the razor sharp tools that I use. I keep them in good condition with a leather strop and abrasive wax. My attention slipped for a split second, the tool slipped for a split second, and blood spurted out of one of my fingers. Oh well, could be worse. I’ve almost finished carving and it’s my first injury, so I’m not doing too badly.

    29 November 2018

    Sky Arts ART 50 "Here Be Dragons"

    Sky Arts ART 50 "Here Be Dragons"

    Here Be Dragons – dangerous or unknown territory! Creating a new UK flag is opening up a can of 'wurms,' a seething mess of intense political opinions, divisions and conflicts, ancient and modern, questioning the nature of what Britishness is. Does the UK even exist anymore or is it a fractured hurly-burly of ancient and modern tribes who inhabit a small set of islands on the western fringes of Europe? Welsh, working class, feminist artist and printmaker, Rosie Scribblah, is up for the challenge of creating a new flag -and it’s not going to be nice...

    16 October 2018

    Hunting The Wild Megalith

    I went out with a filmmaker and an archaeologist to explore remote and beautiful locations searching for the origins of a folktale written in the most ancient and enduring signs of human creativity.

    11 October 2018


    This is a short film by George Hoagy Morris of me and my model and muse Dave which is part of the awesome fantasmagoria of art events planned by Marc Rees in Swansea this year as part of the #1914NOW commemorations

    29 January 2018

    Plebeian Printmakers

    Part of the Troublemakers Festival, I starred in The Plebeian Printmakers. We worked the High Street, Swansea, inking up manhole covers and other bits of pavement and road metal and took prints from them. Luckily, the rain had stopped by the time we were ready to get stuck in.

    05 September 2017

    Look, I'm on TV

    Look, I'm on TV

    Rose Davies (AKA Rosie Scribblah) and her husband Melvyn Williams have become TV sleuths on the Sky Arts reality show Fake! The Great Masterpiece Challenge. Presented by Giles Coren and art historian Rose Balston, the series wants to change the way people look at art by replacing priceless masterpieces with fakes by switching priceless masterpieces for specially made copies at art galleries and museums around the UK.

    11 May 2017


    Me preparing my artwork for the international printmaking exhibition "Leftovers".

    26 February 2017

    The Hunt

    This year I have been mostly in pursuit of wild megaliths. Their iconic presence dominates so many landscapes across the country and the history they have seen dwarves our own all too brief lives. Steady and ancient they speak of the past and the future having see empires rise and fall, they will be around long after we are a distant memory. Art in its purest, most basic and lasting form.

    24 October 2016

    Stone in the wall

    The process of deciding exactly what to draw in a landscape is often a mystery. How do you choose from so many competing angles, sights, colours and sensations? Here I talk about my thinking behind one particular drawing and reveal a little about my approach in general.

    01 June 2016

    Channelling Cezanne

    I never know how exactly how something is going to turn out. There are so many factors like the paper, the materials, the subject and even the weather. All these can affect the style and structure of a drawing. It's nice when something starts to emerge that surprises even me. This is one such instance.

    13 May 2016

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