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  • Finishing touches

    Finishing touches

    I work in my living / dining room as it is so full of light with large windows at either end. I built a large shed in my garden with the intention of working there but I just keep my materials and finished work there as it is nicer working indoors. It is fortunate that my daughter that my daughter quite like the smell of linseed oil etc as my house is always filled with the scent of it as - there are always two or three paintings drying and waiting for the next layer or varnishing. It is a good job I am not very house proud, but I don't know an artist who is - lol. The picture was taken by a lady I teach as I was finishing a demonstration with my 'Chien Blanc' painting. I have been doing a lot of animal portraits lately to raise funds for rescued animals in the Balkan states as things are very bad out there for them. I have learned a lot as sometimes I have been working against the clock but it has been a great exercise in accuracy as portraits are definitely expected to look like the subject. A tree is a tree is a tree, but people expect the dog to look like their dog and they have such differnt characters.

    15 August 2014

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