Patricia Buckley

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United Kingdom

Updates from Patricia Buckley's studio

  • Myself at my easel with my Thamesview .Autumn in Progress

    Myself at my easel with my Thamesview .Autumn in Progress

    This shows me beside my window view of the Thames at Twickenham where I live immediately opposite the obelisk which marks the tidal end of the river. I have painted it mostly at low tide which can be problematic as the high tide creates a very different view and the water sometimes comes over the lawn. I can see the sunrise over the trees in the spring and autumn and have done many small paintings of it.

    16 October 2019

    Patricia painting in Tuscany

    Patricia painting in Tuscany

    I painted landscapes and window views on many trips to Tuscany where I rented an apartment in the countryside near a village. I got to know the local villagers and this photo was taken by one of a group of friends who came to see me painting. I loved being there and painting the vibrant and varied undulating views and seeing the enchanting spring flowers and later poppies and in the autumn the fruit and olives.

    30 October 2016

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