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United Kingdom

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  • The start of a new painting . . .

    The start of a new painting . . .

    When I lay down a background for a large new painting I like to put the boxed canvas on the floor. This gives me a wonderful broad sweep as I can walk all around it and gravity helps keep the paint where I want it and/or flow naturally as I tilt it. I work very fast at this early stage - covering the canvas with a passion that's incredibly exciting and ultimately fulfilling as gradually the beginnings of the new painting emerge. I put it somewhere safe to dry but keep going in to look at it - again from each side. Once it's dry I can put it on my easel or hang it on a wall whichever way up it seems to tell me it should be. I love it when a painting, however young and undeveloped, speaks to me. I love the way the painting gradually or sometimes suddenly becomes visible out of the background. Every painting has a life of its own and, even if I'm intending to paint one of my favorite subjects, each one is unique. The background is the start of the painting's journey to completion!

    16 August 2016

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