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  • Studio Life

    Studio Life

    I've settled in well to my studio and have lots of new work coming. The freedom and space there is helping me develop a looser style of painting. I'm there every spare moment I have!

    16 March 2018

    New Studio!

    New Studio!

    So much has changed lately. I gave up the studio in my garden which I built with my own bare hands. I miss it but my teenage son and his guitars needed more space. So I now have a studio space which I rent in the heart of wonderful norwich where I get to paint in a shared space with other creative people. It's very exciting and I've found I actually love going to work and not just being at home by myself. I put on my earphones and listen to music and podcasts and happily fill my hours with paint and colour. Lots of new work on the way ready for the Spring Art Show exhibition in the forum soon

    09 February 2018



    This is an early work in progress photo of my painting "conscience" which I painted while listening to a song of the same name by the band Synaptik. It will be made into a video from close ups I took at every stage of painting and will form the lyric video for the song when it is released.

    04 June 2017

    Artist Residency

    Artist Residency

    I'm booked on to spend five days painting in a broadland gallery. It'll be a good opportunity to meet people and talk about my work.

    11 March 2017

    At work in my garden studio

    At work in my garden studio

    I had a break from painting last year to spend the summer building and kitting out my garden studio- it's a wonderful place to work and relax.

    13 July 2015

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