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Helen Hardy

Joined Artfinder: Feb. 2016

Artworks for sale: 48


United Kingdom

Updates from Helen Hardy's studio

  • Highland cow getting its detailing

    Highland cow getting its detailing

    This picture shows the highland cow being created. Built up different coloured threads and ribbon can be seen and freehand machine stitches being added to create depth, interest and detailing

    02 May 2016

    The making of the harvest textile picture

    The making of the harvest textile picture

    This picture shows the building up of fabrics using the freehand machine sewing method x Love the freedom of this.

    30 April 2016

    Freehand sewing a kingfisher

    Freehand sewing a kingfisher

    Most of my textile work involves the use of a freehand machine foot. This allows me to have the flexibility and speed of a stitch that I would have using a pen. This also allows for exacting detail to be added to each piece.

    26 April 2016

    Sewing away

    Sewing away

    This is a close up picture of my freehand sewing of two Jenny Wrens recently.

    18 April 2016

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