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United Kingdom

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  • Me at work

    Me at work

    I'm not one to keep a sketchbook, I like to work straight onto a canvas or board and see where it takes me. Oils take some time to dry so I'm often working on lots of paintings at once as they're layered up to create something I'm happy with. Some paintings are finished very quickly and others take me months before I'm satisfied. I often take them home and live with them for a little while to see if there's any changes I want to make ( and there usually are!)

    15 September 2015

    My studio

    My studio

    Its a bit of a cliché - the starving painter in a garret - but that exactly where my studio is, in a warm cobwebby attic above the kitchen of our family business. I've had to evict several dozen swallows who liked to nest there each year but its a lovely big space and its above the ovens so its always warm! Although the smells of cooking and my weak willpower mean I can't subscribe to the 'starving' part of the cliché...

    15 September 2015

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