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  • Архитекторы вселенной. Голубые хребты Андромеды.

    ХОТИТЕ ПОБЫВАТЬ НА ЗАДВОРКАХ КОСМОСА? "Архитекторы вселенной. Голубые Хребты Андромеды". 🎨 Пастельная работа, созданная спонтанным образом; короче говоря - абсолютный экспромт. Космические просторы показывают нам Туманность Андромеды; далёкую галактику расположенную от человечества в 2,2 млн. световых лет. Не исключено, что где-то, среди бесчисленных звёзд, её просторы бороздят - голубые и холодные Хребты. 🎧 За отличный трек отдельное спасибо Михаилу Пастике.

    19 January 2020

    Сreating "Miroborism. Untilled land"

    THIS MOMENT HAS COME!!! After the long-awaited upgrade of the computer, I finally finished what I started. Lay out a fresh video about how it was created, the work of "Miroborism. Untilled land." Unfortunately, the shooting began late, due to the fact that the work was started a long time ago, and the shooting of the question was not. Nevertheless, the job is done and you can start the next work.

    30 October 2019

    Trailer for the picture Wizard of the gray wasteland. (Dry pastel).

    A bit of the artistic process. The creation work - Architect of the universe. Struck From gray wasteland.

    30 August 2019

    Painted maracas for my wife

    Painted maracas for my wife

    My wife gave me a small photoshoot while I was busy painting maracas (the same) for performances. The idea is supposed to be a simple children's toy with a primitive pattern, but... "If I do, it's good. Primitive drawings this not me" - said I, and began to do as I likes...

    30 August 2019

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