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Dayle Gave

Joined Artfinder: Nov. 2022

Artworks for sale: 12

United Kingdom

Updates from Dayle Gave's studio

  • Box & Cox Films Studio

    Box & Cox Films Studio

    The studio where movie posters are created and promoted at film festivals including Cannes

    07 March 2023

    Answering your questions on the ART World - Journey of a confused artist

    The first book and foundation in the series of art books "Journey of a confused artist" is published on Amazon books. This video in a LONG laborious, yet enlightening, funny series, answers your questions. An explanation of what "Journey of a confused artist" is about, and what I am trying to achieve to help all artists and creatives. Enlightenment, inspiration, knowledge and answers to many questions which plague artists. What is ART? How does ART effect society? Was ART effected by society values? More about the Journey through the art movements and locations which developed and inspired will flow like an uncontrollable river. More info here. PLEASE give me your advice on how to move forward on this journey.

    07 March 2023

    Turkish mermaid painting

    Turkish mermaid painting

    Turkey studio in the cool of the evening on the patio

    17 November 2022