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United Kingdom

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  • In the thick of it.

    In the thick of it.

    A shot of me working the paint by hand on the canvas. This way I really to leave my mark in every stroke I make.

    20 June 2018

    A close up look at 'Boxer Shake'

    This work means a lot to me as a dog lover. The painting is inspired by the memories of those brief explosive moments when I would be captivated by my childhood boxer shaking off after a walk on the beach. I feel compelled to create this painting bursting with colour to capture the energy and emotions of pure exhilaration sparking from every shake moving from head through to toes. I hope you enjoy David Ahern

    12 November 2017

    Painting Serene Glow

    Here I created a time-lapse video of painting the water in 'Serene Glow'. Inspired by the New Forest where I am blessed to live in the UK, this ancient woodland is brimming with history and beauty. In this painting I captured the warmth, emotion and the essence of the forest with its ability to wash away worries and lift your soul. As you may see I paint directly on the canvas using my fingers which is a style I prefer. Although in this painting I have restrained from flicking or splatting the paint, I have instead applied paint and pulled the colours through each other creating texture and the feeling of the water moving, swirling and mixing. I hope you enjoy this video. Best wishes David Ahern

    12 November 2017

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