Cheryl Gross

Joined Artfinder: March 2014

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United States

Updates from Cheryl Gross's studio

  • In The Circus Of You

    Video poetry from the book of the same name published by Rose Metal Press. 4 poems in collaboration with Nicelle Davis and Karl Preusser. Enticingly perverse, In The Circus Of You dives head first into the cobwebs of society, metaphorically interpreting our world as a sideshow, where as not only are we the freaks, but also victims of situations beyond our control. The illustrations and animation by Cheryl Gross assist the viewer on this voyage, interweaving through circumstance and encompassing the soul on its most primal level. Like a herd of cattle entering the slaughterhouse, In The Circus Of You captures the exact moment before the actual performance begins.

    10 October 2015

    Me on the roof

    Me on the roof

    Publicity shot by RJ Harper.

    04 July 2014

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